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Continuous Professional Learning Portal Guides

Learner Portal Overview

Welcome to Humber Continuous Professional Learning and this demo of your online learner portal. Whether you are a new learner or returning learner, you will be able to access this portal and a number of self-serve options after you log in with your Humber credentials.

Learner Portal Overview Video

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Whether you are a new learner or returning learner, this Learner Portal Overview Video will show you how to access the portal as well as a number of self-serve options available to you after login.

How to Navigate to Learner Portal

To get started, simply click on the "log in" button and select "learner login". Here, you can enter an existing Humber account, or you can begin one as a new user. Once you have logged in, you will see the learner portal.

You will see on the left-hand side a menu of common items that you will be able to use and access at any time.

My Course Schedule

Click on "my course schedule" to see your current schedule. This can be seen by day, week, month, or year. Starting September 25, 2021 you can review your recent or past transactions from your Learner Portal, print receipts or make payments for any outstanding balances.

Previous Enrolment

Past enrolment transactions are available for learners working towards a certificate from Fall 2018 forward. Information prior to Fall 2018 is available in your MyHumber portal.

Your Learner Account

On the student home page, you will be able to review the current courses that you are enrolled in.

Under “my profile” you will be able to see information related to your learner account. You can also click on “my enrolment history” to see a list of current courses that you're enrolled in, courses that you have completed, and also courses that you have dropped. 

Resources and Courses

In addition to the portal, you can also search for and register in courses. And finally, you can click on Help to access resources available for you to learn more about the system, including job aids and short videos. 

The learner portal is a great way for you to keep organized about courses you have registered in, and view past transactions, and it's a great place for you to continue your learning journey with us here at Humber Continuous Professional Learning.