The COVID-19 Resuming On-Campus Operations Steering Committee has been Established

The COVID-19 Resuming On-campus Operations Steering Committee has been established to plan and lead the implementation of all initiatives related to the reopening of campus facilities and the return of staff and students to campus. The committee will oversee a number of subcommittees that will develop policies and guidelines related to campus access, health and safety protocols and the provision of academic programs, as well as student and administrative services. These policies and guidelines will ensure that Humber is positioned to meet all requirements mandated by government/public health agencies.

The committee will also oversee the development of individual department plans through the establishment of organization wide principles and guidelines. This includes a planning template to be provided to departments and divisions for their use to ensure consistency across the college.

The committee is co-chaired by Gina Antonacci, AVP Academic and Angelo Presta, Senior Director, Capital Development and Facilities. The committee will bring recommendations for decision to the Executive Team.

More information will be shared over the coming weeks to guide planning at the Faculty and departmental level.