July 6, 2022
Nadine Finlay
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Join us on July 27 at 6 p.m. for our next Tunnel Tour, exploring the 89-year history of the Lakeshore Psychiatric Hospital.

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July 5, 2022
Tyler Charlebois
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When Humber started the COI (Centres of Innovation) Network in 2017, it was a natural evolution of what we had been doing since the college was founded in 1967—giving learners the opportunity to succeed, enabling them to take the skills they’ve acquired and apply them in an environment where it really matters.

Despite the challenges presented by the global pandemic, our COIs (Barrett CTI, CCBI, and the Longo CfE) have grown and adapted their operations, services, and programs to continue to support students, faculty members, and industry and community partners on their innovation journey.

Last year, more than 1,300 students and over 80 faculty members engaged with more than 60 industry and community partners to solve complex, real-world problems. We also launched the final two COIs: the Centre for Innovation in Health & Wellness (CIHW) and the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI).

As you read the 2021-22 COI Network Impact Report, we hope you are encouraged to learn more about our COIs and think about how the entire COI Network can give you the room to succeed.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to Tyler Charlebois, Director, Centres of Innovation Network and Partnership Development, if you have any ideas or opportunities to engage with our COIs.

July 5, 2022
Geneva Gillis
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The Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre’s Our Community Rocks project has continued to grow over the past two months. Our incredible community members have contributed to the rock mosaic, coming together and sharing their artistic creations. Many beautiful and meaningful contributions have been made to the neighbourhood that has inspired communal interaction and fostered connectivity through the modest medium of rocks, paint, and a little bit of creativity. The Lakeshore Grounds Interpretive Centre Team has documented these contributions as the mosaic has grown and have dedicated a living online exhibition space to better showcase how our community rocks.

Explore the exhibition of growing artistic creations.

To keep our creative community inspired, we have also introduced Take Home Rock Painting running from July 7 to 29. Community members can stop by the Interpretive Centre every Thursday and Friday in July from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to pick-up paint, paint brushes, and a rock. Supplies and the painted rock(s) can be returned on the following week to contribute to the mosaic or online exhibition! If you would like to keep your creation, please take a picture and send to so that we can admire it too.

July 4, 2022
Saran Davaajargal
Headshot of Younes Sadat-Nejad

The Office of Research and Innovation is shining the Faculty Rock Star spotlight on Seyed-Youns (Younes) Sadat-Nejad, Professor in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology (FAST). 

Younes's journey with Humber began in 2019 when he joined as a professor in the Electronics Engineering program. Younes is currently a Principal Investigator on the research project Robotic Painting Arm Development along with Co-Investigator Dr. Mehrdad Iravani-Tabrizipour, professor in FAST. The project received the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) grant ($25,000) in 2021.   

Reflecting on the benefits of conducting research, Younes states, "The most valued benefit I received from participating in research is learning to apply critical thinking and adopting a systematic approach when looking at any challenge/problem."  

Learn more about Younes Sadat-Nejad.

June 29, 2022
Christina Alcena

I am very pleased to announce Christina Alcena has been elected to the position of Administrative Staff Representative on Humber’s Board of Governors for a three-year term commencing September 1, 2022.

Nancy Brennan
Office of the Board of Governors

June 29, 2022
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Career Milestones Recognition - June 2022 poster

Congratulations to all our employees celebrating Career Milestones in June.

The following employees are celebrating their 1, 5, and 25-year anniversary with Humber. We encourage you to reach out to your colleagues to congratulate them on their Career Milestones!

1 Year

5 Years

25 Years

Moez Mehdi

Amy L. Jackson

Hamid Mohammadi

Emmanuel Arabambi

Tina Fenandoe


Sonal Bhatti

Akanni Frederick


Jessica Sorenson

Hongliu Mo


Vachan Misir

Sheetal Kapoor


Kathryn Edgett



Although we do our best to ensure we don't miss anyone, sometimes it happens. If we have missed anyone on this list, our sincere apologies. Please let us know so we can correct our records and ensure the employee receives recognition. 

Questions? Please email us at

June 29, 2022

Dear Humber employees, 

Over the last few weeks, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness has received questions about Ontario’s disconnecting from work legislation that came into effect for some organizations earlier this month.  

We want to ensure that all employees are aware of our commitment to work-life balance, health and well-being and the ability to unplug from work. Therefore, although we are exempt from the provincial requirement to have a formal disconnecting from work policy, we are planning to embed the principles and concepts of the need to disconnect from work within our current remote work policy, applicable and relevant practices and the future of work framework currently being developed.  

Humber supports a healthy and respectful work environment and the importance of disconnecting from work. We also recognize that individual roles require different working arrangements and hours than others. As we did at the onset of the pandemic through our Humber at Home pledge, we encourage you to be respectful and supportive of your colleagues, and they to you. One of the challenges related to separating work from home, is balancing the fact that there may be times outside of your regular working hours when we  need to connect with one another, while respecting that everyone needs to disconnect from work to maintain a healthy workplace and home life. Keeping that in mind, if there is a time outside of your workday in which you want to send an email or complete a task, please know that you should not expect to receive a response or action from the other person until their regular working hours resume. 

Thank you for your collective commitment to a healthy campus. We look forward to sharing more information about the future of work framework in the fall. We hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable summer. 

Lori Diduch
Vice-President, Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness 


Q: Does/will Humber have a disconnecting from the workplace policy? 
A: No. Humber does/will not have a disconnecting from work policy, as we are exempt from the provincial requirement. As we are committed to work-life balance, health and well-being and the ability to unplug from work, we are planning to embed the principles and concepts of the need to disconnect from work within our current remote work policy, applicable and relevant practices and the future of work framework currently being developed. 

Q: Can I email/contact a colleague outside of their regular working hours?
A: If there is a time outside of your workday in which you want to send an email to a colleague or complete a task that impacts a colleague, you may do so, though know that you should not expect to receive a response or action from the other person until their regular working hours resume. You can also consider scheduling your message so that it is sent  at a predetermined time when the recipient will be working. 

Q: Am I expected to respond to emails or other work tasks outside of my regular work hours? 
A: Individuals are not expected to respond to emails or other work tasks outside of regular work hours. If the matter is an emergency that needs to be addressed outside of your regular working hours, your manager will contact you accordingly. We encourage all employees be mindful of work-life balance and disconnecting from work to maintain that balance. 

Another after-hours consideration for employees is that individuals may choose to turn off notifications from software such as Outlook or Teams so that work does not appear on their devices at any hour of the day. 

Q: My role requires me to be on call. How am I affected by Humber’s approach to disconnecting from work? 
A: Individuals whose roles require them to be on call as scheduled are expected to fulfill their regular on call shift, including responding to after-hours inquiries or tasks as per their regular work.  

Q: Is there a message that I can add to my email signature? 
A: If you wish to include a message in your email signature that supports a healthy workplace, please use the following to ensure consistent language across the college: 

My working day may not be your working day. I respect your boundaries around personal time and well-being. If you receive correspondence from me outside your working hours, I do not expect a response or action until you are at work. 

June 28, 2022
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Red clock on a cabinet

Times running out! If you haven’t had the chance, don’t forget to register for OneDrive Training!

The H-Drive will be officially decommissioned tomorrow June 29, 2022. To register for a session, access the booking calendar and get your files transferred over to OneDrive before it’s too late.

If you have questions in the meantime, please contact the IT Support Centre at 416.675.6622 x8888, or chat at

Hope to see you soon.

Information Technology Services

June 28, 2022
Reminder: Mask Mandate to be Lifted July 1

As previously announced, the mask mandate will be lifted on July 1 at Humber and the University of Guelph-Humber.  

Unless the public health situation in the province changes dramatically, in July and beyond, indoor masking on campus will be a personal choice.  

There may continue to be scenarios in which masking is required, including working or learning environments in which close proximity is required for extended periods of time.   

Everyone is encouraged to continue to complete the self-screening in the Humber Guardian app before coming to campus each time. As a reminder, if you are feeling unwell, do not come to campus.  

Throughout the pandemic, we have focused on creating safe places to learn, work and live. We appreciate your continued cooperation and consideration of others.   

While masking will be optional, respect is mandatory. 

June 28, 2022
Anju Kakkar
The Journal of Innovation in Polytechnic Education (JIPE) Submissions Handbook is out

To our research and innovation community,

The Journal of Innovation in Polytechnic Education (JIPE), Humber Press, Office of Research & Innovation (ORI), has compiled a comprehensive and detailed JIPE Submissions Handbook which we have the pleasure of sharing widely with our research and innovation community. You may make submissions to at any time.

Have you participated in or conducted a research/innovation study? Do you have research you want to share? Every research project, study or initiative is a journey. Researchers and innovators embark on this journey, and their work advances essential knowledge and changes the way we understand the world.

JIPE welcomes research stories and manuscripts from seasoned and emerging researchers from across the polytechnic and community college sectors, both within and outside Canada. Students/research assistants are also encouraged and invited to submit in collaboration with a faculty member/researcher.

JIPE publishes original research papers, review articles, brief reports, book reviews and our “micro-dissemination” options: innovation spotlights and more.

As part of Humber’s sustainability plan, JIPE will only be published electronically to reduce paper consumption. JIPE is an online, open-access journal for double-blind peer-reviewed submissions/manuscripts that mobilize knowledge and insights generated by the global polytechnic community. The articles published in this open journal are published under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0).

Read it today: JIPE Submissions Handbook