Financial Services Update

Financial Services Update – July 2020

With your help, we have successfully completed the 2019/20 year end audit.

We have had to make some changes to our operations since our last communication on March 19, 2020, as working remotely has required us to do so. The following information should assist you going forward as we continue to work from home:

a) Ordering supplies when working from home:

Given the duration of the current work from home situation, staff may require items or supplies that would typically be available in the office; as a result, Financial Services has revised processes to accommodate these requirements and conditions. Any supplies and/or equipment required to work from home should be pre-approved by the requestor’s manager prior to any purchase. Managers should reference the expense reimbursement policy and procedure and should use their discretion with regards to approving items requested due to need for staff to work from home. Wherever possible, the most cost effective option should be approved. Once approval is granted, the requestor may purchase the supplies and the complete the Employee Reimbursement form, attach electronic copies of receipts and submit their request for reimbursement via email to the Manager that pre-approved their initial request.

Completed Employee Reimbursement forms must include appropriate FOAP allocation and electronic receipts and can be circulated via email to your Manager for approval. Managers are able to approve an employee reimbursement by one of two ways:

  1. Signing the completed form electronically and emailing the signed form, receipts and FOAP’s to Accounts Payable, or
  2. Emailing the completed form, receipts and FOAP’s to Accounts Payable indicating their approval in the email.

As per usual practice, staff will be reimbursed by electronic funds transfer. Please keep all original claims and receipts for audit purposes, as we may contact you to provide these up to seven years from original date of claim. Any questions regarding employee reimbursements should be directed to Accounts Payable.

b) No PO, No Pay Process

Humber will be implementing a ‘No PO, No Pay’ process effective September 1, 2020. ‘No PO, No Pay’ means that without a valid Purchase Order (PO) issued by the College, payment of vendor invoices will be refused or delayed.

To ensure best practices and compliance to our Purchasing Procedures, vendors should only deliver products or services after they receive a valid PO number generated from Banner either verbal or in electronic form through our standard requisition to PO process. It is the responsibility of the requisitioning Faculty or Department to provide the Purchase Order number to the vendor before the goods and/or services are received.

Once a vendor has received their PO, they must quote the PO number on their invoice, and submit it to the College for payment upon completion of their deliverables. Any invoices which are received without a valid College Purchase Order will not be processed for payment and will be returned to the Vendor. Vendors will be notified of this change via email.

c) Eliminating physical cheques:

As of August 1, 2020 we will be moving to EFT ONLY (electronic funds transfer) with a few exceptions. Here’s how you can help:

  • Encourage your vendors to submit their invoices electronically to and sign up for EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) to ensure faster payments,
  • All new vendors will be EFT only

d) Depositing Cheques:

Financial Services will no longer accept a scanned copy of cheques. All cheques must be forwarded to Financial Services, Attention: Accounts Receivable along with the Miscellaneous Deposit Receipt Form to as the actual cheque is required in order to be deposited with the Bank. Please make the necessary arrangements to send any physical cheques to the Financial Services department (B311) via interoffice mail. Accounts Receivable will be on campus in the middle and end of the month to deposit these cheques to the bank and post the transactions in Banner.

Note: The physical cheque becomes stale dated after 6 months from the cheque payment date and will no longer be able to be deposited.

e) Payments owed to Humber:

Please encourage customers/vendors to send funds owed to the College via EFT (electronic funds transfer) rather than cheques. Here is Humber’s EFT Info. Please complete the Miscellaneous Deposit Receipt Form and email and instruct the vendor to send the EFT remittance advice to as well. For any further inquiries, please contact

For staff that need to reimburse the College for non-payroll expenses; send an email money transfer (etransfer) to, and complete the Miscellaneous Deposit Receipt Form and submit to

f) Student Payments:

The Financial Services team has implemented email money transfer for all payments required to students.

  1. The Cash Office remains closed until further notice. Any questions related to Cash Office functions should be directed to:

 Other Key Contacts:

Contact: For the following services and requests:
  • sole source, new vendor forms, change order requests, invoice discrepancy resolutions

  • purchase card cancellations, limit change request, other purchase card and Chrome River requests

  • expecting electronic payment and any other payments

  • treasury inquires, journal entry support
  • Banner, Chrome River, general inquiries

  • Finance Security access

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we continue to work from home to flatten the curve and protect ourselves and our community from COVID-19.

Feel free to reach out to should you have any questions and/or concerns that you would like to discuss so we can continue to work together.