Humber BRINGS IT to Prospective Students

Dear Humber,

Earlier this week, Humber rolled out a new recruitment campaign targeted to domestic students.

Called BRING IT, the campaign is intended to be bold and motivational with an urban feel. The campaign’s goal is to increase student applications and enrolment to Humber and spur awareness and interest in the college. Please see an image of the creative at the end of this message.

BRING IT is a dedicated recruitment campaign running from now until mid-summer. It is separate from our We Are Humber brand identity. We Are Humber continues to be front and centre in broader college marketing and communications.

Working with our agency, Borealis Creative, we intentionally set out to create a recruitment campaign that is different from what other post-secondary institutions have produced. We are confident that we have achieved that goal with BRING IT.

The BRING IT campaign was developed from market and environmental research including a survey of grade 11 and 12 students and analysis of GTA post-secondary marketing and advertising campaigns.

The BRING IT campaign is notable for two main reasons. One, rather than traditional student and campus photography, the creative is typography and graphic based. The other is our collaboration with Ben Johnston, a widely known and award-winning local artist. Johnston created the BRING IT artwork that is being used in many applications. Johnston has worked with major brands and NGOs and his work is displayed across Toronto and the globe.

BRING IT creative is bold and vibrant. Primary copy invites prospective students to bring their talent, passion, drive and “everything that makes you YOU” to Humber, and that we’ll bring our best to provide a high-quality and successful college and campus experience.

The BRING IT campaign includes a dedicated webpage, various digital and out of home, off-campus advertising, along with on-campus components, including wall sized murals at both the North and Lakeshore campuses that are expected to be completed in December. Over the next few weeks and months, the campaign will be online, on apps, on social media, on billboards, in transit stations, buses and subways, in movie theatres, on campus and more.

As mentioned, the campaign’s primary goal is to increase applications to Humber. We will be monitoring and measuring all digital elements of the campaign. Any time a user clicks on a link or visits a page, we will know about it. Off-campus advertising performance will be evaluated though QR codes and other measures. Analytics will be used to guide ongoing campaign advertising, allowing us to move ads to where they are receiving the most attention.

We look forward to seeing the BRING IT campaign in market. Please contact me directly (by Teams or email) if there are any questions.

Thank you,

Andrew Leopold
Director, Marketing and Communications