Presenting HLR Spotlight: A Special Online Collection of Student Writing and Art

HLR Spotlight, an online literary supplement featuring exciting new voices from Humber College, launches its first edition this week.

Hosted by the English Department’s Humber Literary Review, the debut edition of HLR Spotlight is edited by Humber Creative Book Publishing students. All of the stories are written by Humber and Guelph-Humber students. In addition, most of the art is by Visual & Digital Arts student Anna Bondarenko.

Check it out here

HLR Spotlight is an ongoing collaboration between the Faculty of Media & Creative Arts (FMCA) and the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning (FLA) at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. The project is funded by Applied Research & Innovation (ARI). The next edition of HLR Spotlight will be published in Spring 2021, and will be edited by students in the Professional Writing & Communications program.

The project leads for HLR Spotlight are Meaghan Strimas (PC, Professional Writing & Communications, FLA) and Nathan Whitlock (PC, Creative Book Publishing, FMCA). The site and logo were created by Kilby Smith-McGregor.

Special Thanks To: Eufemia Fantetti (FLA), Prasad Bidaye (FLA), Cole Swanson (FMCA), Sarah-Jane Greenway (FMCA), John Stilla (FLA), Guillermo Acosta (FCMA), Vera Beletzan (FLA), Ginger Grant (ARI), Barath Roy Michel (ARI), and Dave Miller (FLA).

For more information:

Nathan Whitlock

Meaghan Strimas