Reminder About the Opening of the Osler-Humber College COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic

Beginning on Wednesday, April 14, Starting Wednesday, April 14, the William Osler Healath System (Osler) will transition its current Etobicoke COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic, located at Etobicoke General Hospital, to the Osler-Humber College COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic. The clinic will be located in the UofGH building at Humber’s North Campus.

The Osler-Humber College COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic is a community clinic, similar to the clinic operating at the Toronto Congress Centre, and will vaccinate those deemed eligible by the Province’s COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan and the Toronto Public Health Unit. 

Appointments at Osler’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic can be booked online through Osler’s website or by phone at 905-494-6685, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., 7 days a week. Vaccinations are by appointment only.

For the four-month period of the clinic’s operations, only Vaccine Clinic staff, volunteers and those with confirmed vaccine appointments will be permitted to use the front doors at UofGH and Lot 3 for parking.

UofGH staff, students and instructors coming to campus should park in Lot 9 and enter the building through the LRC at Humber, and then make their way to the UofGH bridge. There will be no access to the ground floor during the duration of the clinic, unless approved by your supervisor and planned with the clinic team.

For any questions or inquiries please contact Tyler Charlebois, Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Humber.