Updated: Important Information Regarding your 2019 Amended T4s

Further to the earlier communication below regarding amended T4s, this is to confirm that any amended T4s were mailed via Canada Post on April 15 to the home address we have on file in our Human Resources Management System (HRMS). On April 3, a direct e-mail communication was sent all employees who were receiving an amended T4.  

We are providing you with an update following the memo you received from Human Resources and Organizational Effectiveness (HROE) within your 2019 T4 envelope. The memo indicated that we anticipated a greater number of amended T4s would be issued this year as a result of implementation of our new Human Resources Management System. We originally indicated the majority of amended T4s would be issued by the end of March. We suggested delaying the filing of your personal tax return until Monday, April 6 to avoid having to refile your taxes, should you receive an amended T4.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has deferred the deadline for filing personal income tax returns to June 1, 2020. In keeping with this new deadline, and due to the impact of COVID-19 on HROE remote working arrangements and the remote working arrangements for the annual third party CAAT Pension reconciliation process, the timeline for the amended 2019 T4(s) to be issued is being adjusted to mid April.

Amended T4s were mailed by Canada Post on April 15. The amended T4s will be mailed to the home address we have on file in our Human Resources Management System (HRMS).

Your amended T4 were to be uploaded to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) website by April 15. If you have a personal CRA account, you will be able to securely view your tax form details when you login to your personal CRA account.

It’s a challenging time for everyone right now, and we appreciate your understanding and patience.

For general inquiries please contact our HR Support Centre, and someone will be available to assist you.

There are three ways to connect with our HR Support Centre:

  1. Call us at (416) 675-5001
  2. Chat with us at www.humber.ca/hrchat 
  3. Submit an e-form at www.humber.ca/hrinquiry

Visit our FAQ section on the HRMS Knowledge Base for additional information on T4s.

Thank you.