Your Group Life Insurance Beneficiary Information is Moving to

Starting today, November 30, 2020, all eligible employees can now directly manage their Beneficiary Designation, through an eDesignation process, for their group life insurance benefits on the website. ​​

Employees can easily add, view and update their beneficiary designation without having to submit the Benefits Enrolment Form. It’s important to note that employees will still have to use the form during their initial benefits enrolment and to report a life event.​​

Helpful information:​

  1. Please continue to contact the HR Support Centre for all HRMS and Compensation & Benefits related matters, however if you require any support for the website or my Sun Life mobile app then you must directly contact the Sun Life Support Centre. ​

  2. It’s a good idea to regularly review and update your beneficiary designations. We recommend you pick a date that you will easily remember (maybe a birthday or anniversary) to review your information. This will help to protect your family if you pass away. It will also help us to pay your beneficiaries, as you had intended. ​

  3. The process to change an irrevocable beneficiary is not changing. If you wish to change a previously designated irrevocable beneficiary, you will need to submit a completed the My Benefits Enrolment Form to the Compensation & Benefits team. This form can be found on the HRMS springboard, under the Me tab.