Last Chance to Apply for the CCBI Virtual Design Jam

Last chance to apply for the CCBI Virtual Design Jam! Applications are due midnight on Sunday, October 25 and spots are limited. 

Students need to apply NOW to join a team of fellow Humber students tackle a real-world design problem with limited time! The scenario is provided by our sponsor InComm: to design a more effective merchandising rack for the display of gift cards in retail stores. 

Have a passion for design? Have experience with Design Jams? Ever bought a gift card from a store and thought you could do better? This event is for you! 

InComm will be providing prizes: $50 Vanilla Prepaid Cards for participating, and $100 Vanilla Prepaid Cards to each member of the winning team! Senior executives from InComm will be reviewing the final designs and selecting the winning team. 

Apply by midnight on Sunday, October 25 here.

The event will be facilitated by select Humber faculty members with technical support by the CCBI team. Registration will be limited to 30 students participating in the challenge virtually. 

This opportunity will allow you to collaborate with other students from different programs virtually, develop fast problem-solving skills in a design context, build your virtual collaboration skills, and improve wellness by participating in a fun extra-curricular activity. 

Applicants will be selected by October 30. Students will receive a detailed schedule of the event, links for virtual participation, and their team (approx. 5 students per team). Have a friend you want to be on a team with? Put their name at the bottom of your application and we'll try our best to pair you up! 

If you have any questions please contact Kyla Ross, Project Coordinator, at