L&D Management Workshop - Making Tough Decisions with Teams

Event Date/Time: 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 - 1:00pm to 4:00pm


North Campus, B101
Learning and Development Making Tough Decisions with Teams Workshop

This workshop is for teams who work together to make decisions. During this workshop, you will learn an overall process to make tough decisions. You’ll walk out with templates to focus on key inputs for your decisions. This workshop will help you to gain confidence in your decisions and reduce procrastination on tackling tough topics.

We will cover:

  • Analysis: Be clear on the decision you are making and the impact that you want to have. Clarify what would happen if no action is taken. Define the criteria for making a good decision.
  • Stakeholders: Define who you need to consult or include for input and buy-in.
  • Process: Based on the analysis and the people involved, use the right steps to make your decision. Choose the decision-making tools that will help you reach a conclusion. Implementation: Make a plan to follow through on your decisions.
  • Evaluation: Create an evaluation template to learn if the decision had the desired impact and what you can learn that will help you make better decisions in future.We also look at how to avoid group decision-making pitfalls and biases such as groupthink.

Target Audience: Managers and Admin Supervisors

Facilitator: Sonia Grossi, Best Work Yet

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