The Way Forward: Making the 'Invisible' Visible

Event Date/Time: 

Saturday, September 29, 2018 - 9:00am to 12:00pm


North Campus, NX111 - Community Room
Sacha Ally

Title: The Way Forward: Making the 'Invisible' Visible. Microaggressive Impacts on Education and Training: Facilitating Difficult Dialogues on Race in the Postsecondary Sector in Canada.

Presenter: Dr. Derald Wing Sue, PhD

Professor of Psychology and Education, Department of Counselling and Clinical Psychology, Columbia University

Presentation Objectives:

  1. Help administrators, faculty, staff and students to define and describe the manifestation, dynamics and impact of microaggressions;
  2. Learn and develop appropriate intervention strategies at the individual, institutional and societal levels that will prevent or diminish the incidences and negative impact of microaggressions; and
  3. Explore how one’s own biases, prejudices, and assumptions about human behavior may make one complicit in allowing microaggressions to thrive.

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