2017 Employee Engagement Pulse Survey Results

The Results Are In!

I would like to thank you for completing our 2017 Employee Engagement Pulse Survey. We achieved a 49% response rate overall. This pulse survey measured engagement on six focus areas which we wanted to keep a focus on from 2014.

I am pleased to say that we registered very positive results with increases in the majority of areas. A snapshot of the overall Humber results are provided below. This pulse survey was mainly intended to be a “health” check, from which to gain some insights and a deeper understanding of employee motivation and engagement.

Detailed views have been shared with the executive for each school and division, and it is my expectation that they will share the results, and engage reflections and discussions with their teams. As you look at the results, I encourage you to elaborate on any concerns you have, discuss ways to address them and look for actionable opportunities to achieve even greater engagement.

Much more will be shared over the coming weeks, but for now, I want to acknowledge my gratitude to all our employees, who everyday make Humber a great place to work!

2017 Employee Pulse Survey Results


Chris Whitaker
President, CEO Humber I.T.A.L.