***Online proctoring with Examity has resumed as of April 16th, 2020. Applicants will be able to test for Health Sciences or Admissions testing online at this time.   In person Health Sciences and Admissions testing will remain unavailable as the college is closed until further notice. We hope to resume in person testing as soon as it is safe to do so.  If you have any questions or concerns, please connect with us via email at onlineplacementtest@humber.ca***

Some students will be given the option to test in an online forum for their admission (English, English and Math or Math admissons test) or health sciences admissions test.  This is a great option for students who cannot make it to an in person session, due to work/family obligations, or live a distance away from campus. 

Online testing will permit you to test right away to get scores to determine your status in a program (admission testing). Please note that as of July 2020, students are no longer required to register to complete a CCPT test for their math placement. The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences will be using admissions data and/or high school grades to place students into their first semester math course as a part of a pilot project for the Fall 2020 semester intake. We recommend you test within a couple of days of receiving your voucher. 

We have put together some frequently asked questions below so you have all the information for online testing.


What resources do I require to test?

Students will require a reliable internet connection, a webcam and a private place to test.  We recommend using an ethernet cord for the strongest internet signal.  A private room can be your bedroom, or living room, as long as there are no people or distractions around.

Can I test my system to ensure I have the necessary requirements?

Yes!  We strongly recommend this to be done prior to your test date to ensure you can troubleshoot any issues that might be identified.  Students can test their system here.  If you require technicial support, you can use the chat or email feature here, to speak with a technician.  This assistance is available 24/7.

*Please note, if you have questions about your online test, such as invalid voucher, questions about your test, or have Humber related questions, please email onlineplacementtest@humber.ca

I have signed up for online testing, now what?

For those students who choose to test online, from the comfort of their home, they will be sent an email from onlineplacementtest@humber.ca or  noReply@accuplacer.info within 10 days of registering for their online test. Student completing a Health Sciences Admissions test or an English Admissions test recieve their voucher details email directly from our testing site, Accuplacer and is entitled Remote Voucher Notification.  This email will contain instructions for how to book your test and your unique voucher(s) you will require to access your test.  Once you have this email, you can proceed to book your test.  We recommend booking and testing as soon as possible to update the status of your program (admission testing).  Your voucher will expire, and the expiration date is communicated in the voucher email you receive.

I have booked my test time, and am ready to test!

You will receive a confirmation email from our online testing partner (Examity).  You will require photo ID to present to the proctor at the time of your test.  When your test date and time comes, your test now button will become clickable and you can begin the testing process.  You will require a few minutes to get setup and established with the proctor and input some personal information before you proceed to your test.

How can I prepare for my test?

Students can find resources to help them prepare for their tests here.

How does online testing work?

Students who choose to complete their test online, will be tested in the same manner as students testing in person.  All testing is done online via a secure web connnection.  Students will be monitored by a virtual proctor, who will be monitoring students via their webcam.  When you start your test, you will be required to show photo ID and complete a room scan, so the proctor can verify there is no one around and you do not have access to unauthorized materials.  The proctor will be able to control your computer and see what you are doing at all times during the test.  The test will end should academic integrity be compromised.  You may also be asked to do repeated room scans should concerns arise, including people entering the space you are testing in, talking to other people or glacing away from your computer screen.  The online testing video is available to the Manager, Testing & Integrated Services for review should any concerns arise.

When do I have to test?

All vouchers have an expiration date and students must test PRIOR to the expiration date of the voucher.  Please review your voucher email for the expiration date.  Students who fail to test prior to the voucher expiration date will be required to rebook and repay for their admission test.

How to read an expiration date?

Your voucher is valid until: Wed Feb 06 00:00:00 UTC 2019, which means it will expire on 02/05/2019 7:00 PM EST.

What happens after I test?

Once you have completed your admissions test, the Registrar's Office will update you regarding the status of your application approximately 2-3 weeks after testing.

How long do I have to test?

The length of your test depends on the components required for your program.  Please note, all components of your test are to be completed during one appointment, you cannot complete one module at at time.

  • English testing - all admissions testing - 60 minutes in length
  • Math testing - all admissions testing - 60 minutes in length
  • Health Sciences Math - admission testing - 60 minutes in length
  • Biology - admission testing - 20 minutes in length
  • Chemistry - admission testing - 20 minutes in length

Students completing online testing for a Health Sciences program will have a total of 2h 40m to test.  Each component of the test is individually timed, so you are bound by the time parameters above.  Students who have only applied to Pre-Heath will test for 2 hours as they are not required to complete Biology and Chemistry if Pre-Health is the only program they have applied to.

Students completing online math testing for admissions purposes will have 1 hour to complete their math admissions test. Effective July 2020, students will no longer be required to complete a Math placement test to determine their Math placement for their first semester. All students who need a first semester math course will register for this course based on their admissions data or high school math marks.

Your module will be auto-submitted if your time runs out.

Need help?

Contact Testing Services at onlineplacementtesting@humber.ca for all issues that are not technical.

Examity can be reached by email at support@examity.com, live chat or by phone at 1-855-392-6489 (1-855-EXAMITY) if there are technical issues regarding their website.


I can no longer make my scheduled online test appointment, can I reschedule?

You can reschedule your test no less than 24 hours prior to your appointment.  Students who fail to rescheduled their appointment less than 24 hours prior to their booked date/time, will be responsible to rebook and repay for their test again.  Your vouchers do expire and should you not test within the valid voucher dates, you will have to rebook and repay for your online test. 

If 24 hours prior to your test date/time, you can sign back into the online test providers page, cancel your existing booking and reschedule to a date and time that works for you.

I have an IEP, how can I access accommodation for online testing?

Students who have an IEP or require test accommodation can make the request here.