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Humber's network of Centres of Innovation (COIs) bring together interdisciplinary teams of faculty, students, and community and industry partners to solve complex, real-world problems. COIs provide an experiential learning environment for Humber students and prepares them to become the innovative and strategic problem-solvers of tomorrow.

Centres of Innovation Network

For more than 50 years Humber has been a leader in polytechnic education, graduating independent thinkers with practical skills and hands-on work experience.
Now we’re taking creative problem-solving to the next level.

The COI Concept

Humber's COI network will bring together talented people with the insight, imagination and skills to put ideas into action.

We are collaborating in exciting new ways, bringing a unique perspective to challenges and opportunities. Our COI teams will examine problems from many different angles, leveraging their diverse backgrounds and industry expertise to disrupt traditional thinking and design creative, user-centred solutions.

Humber's COIs are focused in five areas of proven strength and industry sector growth:

Innovation Ecosystem

Our COI network will bridge the gap between innovation and application, concepts and commercialization.

Several best-in-class buildings will strengthen our innovation ecosystem, providing flexible, technology-enabled spaces for exploring, learning, making and knowledge-sharing.

Supported by exceptional resources:

Circular chart with the outer rings stating Creative Business Innovation, Innovation in Health & Wellness, Technology Innovation, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The inner ring states Academic Faculties and Applied Research. The inner circle states COI Network

Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation (Barrett CTI)

Contact: Neal Mohammed,
Director, Barrett CTI

Centre for Creative Business Innovation (CCBI) 

Contact: Jennifer Gordon,
Director, Centre for Creative Business Innovation & Galleries 

Centre of Innovation in Health & Wellness (CIHW)

Contact: Jason Powell,
Senior Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellness

Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE)

Contact: Cheryl Mitchell,
Acting Director, Centre for Entrepreneurship

Social Innovation

Contact: Derek Stockley,
Senior Dean, Faculty of Social and Community Services, and Principal, Lakeshore Campus