Who Are We?

The CfE's reach goes beyond the G-Building at Lakeshore Campus, it extends across all Humber's campuses and schools. 

The Centre for Entrepreneurship (CfE) is an on-campus destination for everyone who wants to explore the world of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. The CfE provides a space for like-minded individuals to meet, collaborate and create. No matter their passion, interest, or previous entrepreneurial experiences, the CfE has specialised experiential learning opportunities that will stimulate new ways of thinking and support their unique goals. These experiential learning opportunities include interactive workshops, networking and social events, educational and inspirational series and startup competitions. Participating students, alumni, and community members will be encouraged to use the G-Building’s facilities and physical resources to help develop, grow, and test business ideas or processes.

We believe in providing support to both entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. We enable our members to innovate, creatively problem solve, and engage in entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial activities. We support Humber students, alumni and community members at their earliest stages of entrepreneurship: when they learn to recognise opportunities; develop, analyse and refine ideas; create plans; form teams; and pitch ideas.

While every member may not choose to start their own business, the CfE facilitates skills training programs required to help our members be successful in whatever career path; they decide to pursue.