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Centre for Innovation in Health & Wellness

Innovative solutions for a healthier tomorrow.


Humber's Centre for Innovation in Health & Wellness (CIHW) is a powerful catalyst for change, helping to create solutions that support a healthier tomorrow for everyone, no matter where they live, what they have, or who they are.


Drawing on the depth and breadth of Humber’s expertise and resources, the CIHW will pursue a unique focus on health equity and the prevention of chronic disease.


Guided by an ambitious strategic vision, it will be a catalyst for bold ideas, game-changing innovations and unprecedented collaboration across Humber’s academic faculties, industry partnerships and Centres of Innovation.

Research and Innovation

Humber’s Centre for Innovation in Health & Wellness (CIHW) will strive towards developing new and innovative solutions that contribute to a healthier tomorrow for individuals and families. Research initiatives will be developed with a focus on addressing health disparities and supporting people in receiving high-quality health care that is equitable and responsive to the unique needs of diverse populations.

CIHW will be leading and piloting bold ideas, game-changing projects and extensive collaboration with health care providers, industry experts, community organizations, funding partners, Humber students, academic faculties and divisions, and other Centres of Innovation.

  • Increasing opportunities for interdisciplinary experiential learning in real-world settings.
  • Promoting innovation in teaching methodologies and interdisciplinary program development and ensuring curriculum relevance.
  • Improving students’ employability skills, job prospects, earning potential, graduation and graduate satisfaction rates.
  • Integrating Indigenous knowledge into existing programming; delivering culturally appropriate learning experiences for Indigenous students; supporting the delivery of culturally safe health care for Indigenous populations in the community.
  • Attracting and retaining highly qualified faculty; strengthening the research culture in the Faculty of Health Science & Wellness.
  • Creating new opportunities for corporate partnerships, sponsorships, scholarships, ‘in-kind’ donations and other investments.
  • Enhancing pathways to offer more career choice and program flexibility; creating new opportunities for corporate training, continuous professional learning and dual credit programs.
  • Strengthening relationships with community organizations and supporting vulnerable populations at higher risk of chronic disease.
  • Enhancing health equity capacity and contributing to a more equitable, inclusive and culturally responsive health care system.
  • Driving societal and economic progress; helping to lower health care costs and reduce the burden of care for chronic disease.
  • Supporting Humber’s commitment to becoming the healthiest campus in Canada.