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Experience innovation
like never before.


For 50 years Humber has been a leader in polytechnic education, graduating independent thinkers with practical skills and hands-on work experience.

Now we're taking creative problem-solving to the next level.


Humber's COI Network brings together talented people with insight, imagination and skills to put ideas into action.

We are collaborating in exciting new ways, bringing a unique perspective to challenges and opportunities.


Our COI teams examine problems from many different angles, leveraging diverse backgrounds and industry expertise to disrupt traditional thinking and to design creative, user-centred solutions.

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Humber's COI Network is focused on key areas of proven strength and industry sector growth, Technology Innovation, Creative Business Innovation, Innovation in Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.


The COI Network brings together interdisciplinary teams of faculty, students, community and industry partners to solve complex, real-world problems. COIs provide an experiential learning environment for Humber students and prepares them to become the innovative and strategic problem-solvers of tomorrow.

The next generation
of innovators and
  • State-of-the-art R&D facilities, equipment and technical resources
  • Expert faculty advisors with well-established records of success
  • A pipeline of skilled, innovation-ready talent for hire
  • A business-friendly IP policy
  • Opportunities to access grant funds and other sources of capital
  • Unbiased evaluations of new technologies
  • Customized skills training
  • Opportunities to showcase products and services
  • A nimble response to rapid change
  • Competitive advantages in global markets


Game-changing ideas + the
ingenuity to make them

Innovation happens when people
solve problems together. We are
looking for partners to develop
and support our COI Network.

Join us in shaping the future.