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Partner with Humber's COI Network

When groups partner with Humber’s COI Network, they have access to our five COIs, along with the college’s entire innovation ecosystem. This includes the six academic Faculties, the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI), the Centre for Innovative Learning (CIL), and the Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) team. With all these resources at our fingertips, we can create custom-made courses for their business and help them retrain or recertify their employees.

Partnering with us also grants access to the incredibly talented pool of Humber students, which currently totals more than 33,000 students from 130 different countries. By working with us, partners can help ensure students have the right skills and experience to succeed in the workforce. We offer all of this and more, including great opportunities to amplify our partners’ brands, expand their influence and showcase their values.

We are already working with more than 60 established companies and organizations. Together, they provide more than $1.7 million in donations and in-kind contributions to our COIs. Some of our partners are making the best possible use of the COI Network, with more than 30 collaborative projects taking place last year that involve more than one Humber COI or academic Faculty.

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Quick Facts

$1,769,000 Total Partner/Industry contributions

59 Active partners/partnership activity

30 Collaborative projects between with more than one COI or Faculty

$880,000 Total Partner/Industry in-kind contributions