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To name your space with a pledge, please call 416.673.0152.

Naming a learning space is an invaluable opportunity for you to leave your mark at Humber and to provide critical support for Humber students. With your gift, students, alumni and faculty will appreciate your commitment to education and student success for generations to come.

Gifts to name a learning space can be a one-time gift or payable up to 5 years.

For example, for an annual gift of $200 over five years, you can name a study carrel or an ottoman bench.

Whether you choose to name a study carrel, bench, picnic table or study room, your gift will make a difference to student success by supporting:

  • Scholarships and awards;
  • Bursaries and support for students in need;
  • Equipment, tools, learning resources and spaces;
  • Special initiatives and experiential learning projects; and,
  • Emerging student needs that may arise.

Join us in supporting our students through this new initiative and leave your mark at Humber.

There are dozens of learning spaces that are used daily by our students for quiet independent study or group learning and collaboration. Spaces available to be named include:

student at a study carrel

Study Carrel


outdoor study area

Bench/Picnic Table

$1,000 - $2,500

desk witha . computer

Computer Study Carrel


two person study table

Small Group Study Room


Five students sitting at a round table

Medium Group Study Room


students studying at a long table

Large Group Study Room


comfortable seating area

Student Lounge

$20,000 - $25,000

a classroom

Small Class/Lecture Room


For more information, please contact the Advancement and Alumni office by phone at 416.673.0152 or via email at

Your Impact

By naming a learning space, your gift helps advance student success by supporting important priorities such as: scholarships and awards; bursaries and support for students in need; equipment, tools, learning resources and spaces; special initiatives and experiential learning projects; and, emerging student needs that may arise.

“Humber College set me up with the necessary theory and hands-on, practical experience to enhance my communication and collaboration skills and succeed in the workforce."

- Paula

“Receiving a scholarship was a great financial help. I work two part-time jobs to make ends meet. The scholarship allowed me to focus more on school and less on money."

- Martin
scholarship recipient