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Alumni Spotlight

Jordan Bushell, Film and Television Production, 2004

Kenneth Fowler, Boilermaker Apprenticeship, 2001

Anna Simone, Interior Design, 1977

More Alumni Stories

Jordan Bushell, Film and Television Production, 2004

Kenneth Fowler, Boilermaker Apprenticeship, 2001

Anna Simone, Interior Design, 1977

Ingrid Perry, Public Relations, 1981

John Narvali, Creative Photography, 1975

Carlos Anthony, Advertising and Marketing Communications, 2015

Andrew Beattie, Landscape Technician, 1991; Landscape Technology, 1992

Tim Duboyce, Journalism, 1997

Sophia 'SoJay' Jackson, Business Management, 1993; Child and Youth Worker, 2014

Mark Cameron, Paramedic, 1989

Michael London, Interior Design, 1998

Alexander Henry and Holly Rowden, Bachelor of Film and Media Production, 2016

Mason Victoria, Bachelor of Music, 2017

Aaron Bala, Television Writing and Producing, 2013

Deepa Mattoo, Fundraising and Volunteer Management, 2007

Eric Smith, Journalism, 1997

Olivia Buffo, Forensic Identification, 2020

Miranda Anthistle, Journalism, 2011

Lynn Ferron, Interior Design, 1989

Lawrence Saindon, Paramedic, 1996

Lindsay Wong, Creative Writing, 2017

Jaime Vieira, Kinesiology, 2016

Julia Dyan, Theatre Arts - Performance, 2013

Eloise Ambursley, Graphic Design, 2017

Gilad Cohen, International Development, 2011

Suzanne Dimma, Interior Design, 1993

Andy Kikites, Civil Engineering Technician; Civil Engineering Technology

Maryam Siddiqi, Public Relations, 1999

Lisa Zbitnew, Marketing, 1982

Lorraine Lawson, Music (Voice), 1994

Jade Jager Clark, Fashion Arts, 2007

Anne-Marie Green, Journalism, 1997

Peter F. Dundas, Ambulance & Emergency Care, 1981

JD Marchand, Law and Security Administration, 1996

Meghan McPeak, Broadcasting – Radio, 2010

Nathalie Younglai, Television Writing and Producing, 2006

Kelli Saunders, Marketing, 1985

Deren Hasip, Business Management – Financial Services, 1998

Jill Andrew, Child and Youth Worker, 1998

Marcia Brown, Liberal Arts & Sciences, 1987; ECE, 2006

Baldev Mutta, Social Service Worker, 1990

Ewan Divitt, Music (Trumpet), 2006

Sanchari Sen Rai, Immigration Consultant, 2019

Doug Hadders, Comedy Writing and Performance, 2002

Michelle McLeod, Acting for Film and Television, 2013

Allan Cole, Funeral Service Education, 1978

Kimberlee Shelley, Paralegal Education, 2010

Ben Spatafora, Accounting, 1977

Joyce Grant, Creative Writing, 2008

Alumni at War Child

Dr. Rumeet Billan, Human Resource Management, 2006

Rick Bonnette, Travel and Tourism, 1978

Debra DiGiovanni, Comedy Writing & Performance, 2000

Melanie Ng, Public Relations Certificate, 2006

Ninko Pangilinan, Fitness and Health Promotion, 2007

Shana King, Fashion Arts, 2000

Michael Hainsworth, Broadcasting–Radio, 1993

Robyn Tremblay & Samantha Rogers, Fundraising and Volunteer Management, 2009

Lanny Barcelos, General Arts and Science, 1999

Anna Pileggi, Public Relations, 1986

Sophia (Kiddbeatz) Yeh, Film and Media Production, 2013

Tae Hislop, Creative Photography, 2000

Andrew Kesler, Bachelor of Music, 2012

Klaud Waziak, Industrial Design, 2003 | Adam Carvalho, Industrial Design, 2014

Hillary McGregor, Sport Management, 2017

Dina Pugliese, Journalism, 1999