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The Longo CfE is launching a Women’s Entrepreneurship Program

The Longo CfE is launching a Women’s Entrepreneurship program, offering specialized training, resources, and expertise to Humber’s women students and alumni who want to become business leaders. They are also developing an Arts Entrepreneurship program in partnership with Humber’s Faculty of Media and Creative Arts.

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BMO Launch Me Funding

In November, the Longo CfE was excited to announce a new partnership with BMO Financial Group, which donated $750,000 to support their Launch Me program. Thanks to BMO’s donation, the Longo CfE now has three streams available for Launch Me: BMO Women Innovators Completion, which encourages women students and alumni to strengthen their entrepreneurial skills, and the BMO Groundbreaker Competition, which supports current students who want to launch their own businesses, and the BMO New Graduate Start-up Competition, which supports students who have graduated from Humber in the last two years and helps them get their start-up ideas off the ground. Humber students and alumni will also benefit from a suite of training and skills development opportunities through the introduction of the BMO Entrepreneurship Workshops that will be offered throughout the five years.

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Membership Growth and Participation in the Longo CfE Programs

The Longo CfE continues to attract more members from Humber students, faculty members, staff, alumni, and the local community, growing their membership to 570 members. There was sustained interest in their entrepreneurship and work-integrated learning programs as well, with 32 participating in the ICE program and 120 students participating in Experience Ventures Projects, including 17 in partnership with the Barrett CTI and the CCBI. 

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CIHW Preparing for its Formal Launch Later This Year

With the mandate and vision set for CIHW and a director to lead it, CIHW is preparing for its formal launch later this year. Many potential partners have already expressed interest in working with CIHW. Stay tuned for more news about the programs, collaborations, and projects.

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Developing the Vision and Focus for CIHW

The Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellness hired a consultant to engage with internal and external stakeholders to develop the vision and focus for CIHW, which was unveiled in Fall 2021. With its new director on board as of January 2022, the CIHW is ready to get to work.

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An Applied Research Model, in partnership with Mitacs: eCampus Ontario and the City of Toronto.Cultural Hub construction: Phase 1 of Humber’s Cultural Hub continues to progress since starting construction in November 2020. This phase of the Cultural Hub will be the CCBI’s future home and includes a 250,200-square-foot building with a 130-seat Recital Hall, specialty teaching spaces for arts and cultural programs, and a 300-space student residence addition. The building should be ready to use by May 2023. The second phase of construction will start in August 2023 and should finish by May 2025.

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The CCBI is looking forward to more collaborative partnerships this year, including the Siemens Art Call, in partnership with Humber Galleries; the Snake Bite Awareness Project (COIL), in partnership with Whitman College in the United States, the Asclepius Snake Bite Foundation, IRSEN Congo, and IRBAG Guinea; the Affect Design Challenge, in partnership with the Art Gallery of Ontario; and Building Cultural.

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Collaboration with CivicLabTO

Collaborating on Renewal and Resilience was a two-day virtual event that provided partner faculty members, staff and students, City staff and government representatives the opportunity to join a series of free panel discussions featuring thought leaders from across academia and the Toronto area. These sessions highlighted how research collaborations generate a grounded theory framework that ultimately leads to stronger public policy development in our ever-changing urban environment.

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Tiny Town Fellowship

Tiny Town is a 30-year-old scaled model of the City of Toronto on display in the main foyer of City Hall. Humber is working with the City to re-imagine and update the physical model with a new concept, which could be 3D, 2D, virtual, movable or flexible. Seven Humber students from different disciplines participated in the fellowship, developing a prototype model that used augmented reality technology to enhance the presentation.

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Centre for Innovation in Health and Wellness and Centre for Social Innovation Ramp Up Their Activities This Year

As the Centre for Innovation in Health and Wellness and Centre for Social Innovation ramp up their activities this year, the Barrett CTI is excited to work with them and the other Centres in the COI Network on collaborative projects with business and community partners.

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NSERC Grant Awards

The Barrett CTI was honoured and excited that many of the projects they are involved with have secured NSERC grant funding from the federal government. The projects that were awarded funding are:

  • Automated Gas Fueling and Shopping, with Circuit Energy Inc as partners
  • Development of a Solid-State Catheter, with Mui Scientific as partners
  • Automated Cell Inspection, with Nahanni Steel Products Inc. as partners
  • Combining Ring Vac and Air Amplifier and optimizing hole sizes and Coanda effects, with NEx Flow Air Products Inc. as partners
  • Indoor Navigation System-Wayfinding with Circuit Plus Inc as partners
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Research Projects

The Barrett CTI has supported many applied research projects in 2021, helping students, faculty members, and partners collaborate on innovative technologies. Those projects include a SEW Power Supply Development, a Harmonic Mitigating Device and Power Factor Corrector, Resonator Testing (an Electrochemical Device), and ElectroMagnetic Lenses for Millimetre-Wave Sensors. They also supported the Capstone Projects for 193 students last spring, including 49 Electrical Engineering students, 80 Mechanical Engineering students, and 64 Electrochemical Engineering students.

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Customized Corporate Training

The Barrett CTI has begun providing tailor-made training programs for companies, starting with a customized Fanuc robotic training program for one of Magna International’s manufacturing divisions. The program started June 7 and was so successful that Magna is interested in repeating the training with some of their other divisions.

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COI Network Collaborations Initiatives

Barrett CTI is working with the other COIs in the Network on larger projects, including the Experience Venture Funds project with the CCBI and the Longo Centre for Entrepreneurship, and provided additive manufacturing support for the CCBI’s Tiny Town fellowship.

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