Mentor Sultan Akif

Sultan Akif is an award-winning CEO of two social entrepreneurships, published author, tech professional and TEDx speaker who has traveled to and inspired people in over 75 countries. He was recently recognized in the Top 10 Global Changemakers list by The Introducer Magazine. After delivering over 1 billion dollars in consulting revenue as a corporate executive at Microsoft and IBM, he left a successful career in the technology industry to connect with his purpose and inspire thousands with his story. Prior to his success, Sultan was once a boy who could not afford any books. He is now on a mission to build 100 libraries around the world with his own hands and has completed 25 so far in 9 countries.

Sultan has taken the stage as a professional speaker for only one reason – to drive real change in the hearts people and teams. He uses his voice and his own personal story to communicate to the world that we are the change the world needs, and we have the power to make a difference. If a very ordinary boy who could not afford any books can build libraries around the world, then anyone can do anything!