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Power Up Your People

Give your employees the skills they need with Humber custom solutions and a-la-carte programs to drive excellence in your workplace.

Meet Your Objectives

With ongoing learning, you can help your employees grow their skills, solidify your succession plans, increase employee retention, and improve morale. Discover “a la carte” learning or talk to us about a custom program.

Upgrade Your Team

Finding good people that fit into the culture of your organization can be difficult, especially at the higher levels. With Corporate Training Solutions, you can increase the skillset of your existing team, and promote from within.

Improve Employee Retention

Investing in your employees to gain additional skills will not only help you get a more efficient and effective team, but you’ll also increase retention rates.

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Flexible Learning Options

For individuals, teams and companies, we offer flexible and tailored learning options to help you meet your strategic goals.

Proposal-Based Solutions

Our team actively responds to requests for proposals, collaborating with industry, community partners as well as our highly qualified associates and faculty.


Customized Solutions

We design learning solutions for local, national, and multinational private, public, and non-profit organizations to meet and exceed their diverse and complex needs. Previous solutions have supported culture transformation, change management, workforce development to name a few. A consultative approach is used along with a variety of learning pedagogies and a blend of modalities.

Rapid Skills – Open Enrolment

CTS offers open enrolment courses which provide bite size chunks of practical competency-based learning bringing working professionals up to speed in various disciplines.

Corporate solutions by the number


years developing customized solutions


industry expert facilitators and coaches


businesses supported from small to multi-national corporations


learners upskilled with the latest and in demand soft and technical skills

Humber Corporate Training Solutions Advantages

Depth & Breadth

Accessing a broad level of expertise throughout Humber faculties, we provide industry specific knowledge, standards and identify opportunities to improve and innovate within a variety of sectors.


Our courses are engaging hands-on learning experiences utilizing robust assessment and evaluation strategies. Our participants are equipped to put learnings into action so immediately results can be achieved.


We have the know-how to deliver high quality professional learning and tailor-made programs for both the corporate, and social sectors.  Our facilitators are highly qualified and credentialed in their respective fields.

Flexible Learning

We use a collaborative and pro-active skills-building approach to foster expert learning. Within our customized deliveries we tailor to our clients’ and individual participants’ learning needs and context through a comprehensive needs-analysis.


  • Short-duration certification
  • Tailored to industry and specific employer’s needs
  • Recognize an individual’s performance competency as it aligns to specific knowledge, attitudes and skills
  • Evidence embedded into a digital badge that can be used by learners and is visible to employers

Many of CTS’s proposal-based, customized and rapid skills solutions have tailored micro-credential options to suit the client’s and industry’s need.


Learning methodology is the key that differentiates competency-based learning from traditional learning.


Authentic assessment measures how behaviour is changed through learning, rather than measuring knowledge or memory at a moment in time.

Industry Endorsed

Industry involvement at every stage (development, delivery & evaluation) ensures relevance and currency.

Customized Solutions

Tailored Learning Deliveries

Open Enrolment - Rapid Skills Courses

What to Expect

  • Stimulating and interactive instructor-led, live virtual training
  • Competency based courses designed to refine skills for success in the workplace
  • Professional subject matter experts proficient in delivering virtual instructor-led courses
  • Small class sizes; 1 to 20 ratio

Why Attend

  • Learn actionable skills that yield immediate results
  • Take courses that match your learning goals
  • Network with forward-thinking peers
  • 2-3.5-hour commitment
  • Cost effective and convenient with multiple start dates

Subsidize Your Costs

person smiling on a phone call

Humber CTS Can Assist in Offsetting the Costs of Building the Workforce of the Future

Your organization may be eligible for government support such as the Canada Job Grant, The National Structural Integrity Research Centre and other applied research grants. The Canada Job Grant provides businesses with the opportunity to develop their workforce at a reduced cost and we can help guide you through this process.

News & Insights

student using laptop

Humber Corporate Training Solutions Trades In-Person Classes for Engaging Online Delivery

CTS facilitators have traditionally delivered in-person training through one of more than 180 courses. The training can help industry players to develop a more strategic, efficient and competitive workforce.

Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation

Humber Launches Micro-Credential Program to Help Ontarians Get Back to Work

Humber College's new RapidSkills, Advanced Manufacturing Micro-credentials program was designed for those who were interested in the industry, with potential to succeed, but without the necessary skills.

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