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Corporate Solutions by the Numbers

years developing customized solutions

industry expert facilitators and coaches

small to multi-national businesses supported

learners upskilled with the latest, in demand soft and technical skills


Power Up Your People

Give your employees the skills they need with Humber custom solutions and a-la-carte programs to drive excellence in your workplace.

Meet Your Objectives

With ongoing learning, you can help your employees grow their skills, solidify your succession plans, increase employee retention, and improve morale. Discover “a la carte” learning or talk to us about a custom program.

Upgrade Your Team

Finding good people that fit into the culture of your organization can be difficult, especially at the higher levels. With Corporate Training Solutions, you can increase the skillset of your existing team, and promote from within.

Improve Employee Retention

Investing in your employees to gain additional skills will not only help you get a more efficient and effective team, but you’ll also increase retention rates.

Custom Programs for Partners

True Partnership

Our programs begin with a comprehensive needs analysis with clients, potential participants and SME’s. Using adult learning and universal design principles, we tailor learning materials and content to our clients and individual participants learning preferences. Through our wide breadth of industry expertise within Humber College, we help to identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation. We include agile and flexible learning plans to suit our clients' unique needs, circumstances and context.

End-to-End Evaluation Strategy

Utilizing robust learning assessment and evaluation strategies we can track participant progress and performance. Our deliveries measure outcomes, effectiveness and ROI. We include work-integrated-learning, such as capstone projects in order to address real-world, complex problems

Program Delivery and Operations

Our courses are centered around customized learning schedules that work for your team. We develop programs to ensure there are no gaps in the learning experience for participants. Programs include a variety of learning tools such as text-learning, capstone projects and coaching sessions. Class sizes are small to provide personalized engagement. We offer on-site, in-person learning along with virtual instructor-led training technically supported by virtual producers.


Our certified Humber associates and team have successfully completed rigorous evaluation and assessment processes. They are qualified and credentialed in their respective fields and bring a deep understanding of various industries to all training, coaching and consulting initiatives.

Get Connected

Feel free to contact us by email at or by filling out and submitting the form below. By filling out the form, you will not only get access to a Strategic Partnership Hub representative, you will also be notified of exclusive partnership events and opportunities.