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Harnessing the Power of Partnerships

You have challenges and you have goals - let's work on them together. Partner with Humber and gain access to expertise, talent and resources from the largest polytechnic in Canada. Research and innovation, scholarships, work-integrated learning as well as networking, mentorship and outreach are some of the ways we connect our partners to Humber talent and resources to drive success today - and tomorrow.

So many reasons to partner with Humber.



Centres of Innovation

in Research Partnerships

Tap into Humber's talent pool.

Humber's 200+ programs offer unique work-integrated learning opportunities to prepare students for their future careers. We offer a range of services that can assist you with your hiring needs. We provide qualified, prescreened candidates from all disciplines and professions. Tap into a talent pool that brings creativity and innovation to your workplace.

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Gain access to customized or ready-made training.

When you partner with Humber, your organization will benefit from our over 30+ years of experience in developing customized programming. Increase productivity and improve workplace culture quickly with Humber PRO for Organizations and the ready-made Workplace Essentials Micro-credential Suite.

Plug into Humber's Innovation Ecosystem.

Research & Innovation helps faculty and student research teams collaborate with industry and community partners in order to help solve specific problems. Our Humber Ecosystem includes the COI Network which helps bridge the gap between innovation and application, concepts and commercialization.

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Help create an Unlimited future for Humber students.

Unlimited will be the catalyst for enhancing the Humber experience through investment beyond our existing resources. It will create an environment for achievement, and it will set the stage for a future full of limitless potential and success for our students.

What's New for Our Partners

Harness Innovation Where It Matters Most - Canada's Defence Sector

Upskill your workforce with the Workplace Essentials Micro-Credential Suite.

Connect with students from over# countries through the IGS Industry and Community Connector Hub

Explore both NextGen television and data delivery applications in the B2C Lab

Get Connected

Feel free to contact us by email at or by filling out and submitting the form below. By filling out the form, you will not only get access to a Strategic Partnership Hub representative, you will also be notified of exclusive partnership events and opportunities.