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COIL – Collaborative Online International Learning – is a dynamic form of virtual exchange that connects students with peers around the world. COIL takes the form of an experiential learning project or module co-created through a Humber faculty or staff “match” with a faculty or staff at a partner institution in another region or country.

The resulting collaborative student project or module may be:

  • Embed within a pre-existing course at both institutions (ex. as a shared assignment or capstone project);
  • Designed as a work-integrated learning (WIL) experience overseen by an industry or community partner.

By working virtually across borders students can develop and apply any number of the mindsets and skills articulated in the Humber Learning Outcomes (HLO) framework, such as digital fluency, collaboration, communication, strategic problem solving, and understanding of systems thinking. Staff and faculty COIL leaders expand their professional networks and enhance their portfolio through collaboration with an international partner.

COIL provides experiential global learning opportunities that are accessible and emphasize intercultural collaboration. COIL projects prepare students to lead and innovate in the rapidly changing, interdependent, and technology-driven world they will inherit.

Organizing a COIL initiative at Humber includes:

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Assistance in matching you with an international partner

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Access to the Humber COIL Toolkit and ongoing personalized support

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Resources and workshops for faculty and staff partners to guide the COIL collaboration process

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Three workshops for students on intercultural learning, virtual teamwork, and professional development

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Support for post-COIL evaluation, feedback and SoTL research to gather and share results of experience

Ready to get started?

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Humber COIL Showcase

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Visualizing the COIL Process

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COIL FAQs and Answers

View the frequently asked questions.

External Resources

View examples of external resources from organizations and institutions from around the world.

For more information on Humber COIL – Global Virtual Exchange, contact: