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  • 4 students standing together representing partnership

Humber has a long history of strong international partnerships

For many years Humber has expanded its international network creating innovative partnerships to grow its global connections. These connections expand the experiences of students, faculty and staff.

Students broaden their academic experience through various international transfer agreements and study abroad and internship opportunities. Humber faculty and staff gain exposure to international academic and professional practices by taking part in global research and the design and delivery of academic programs and projects.

Humber has a number of key international partnerships and associations. These range from institutional linkages to promote student mobility, the joint delivery of programs and international development partnerships. For Humber our international partners are long-standing and are mutually beneficial. Humber maintains a relationship with our earliest partnerships in St. Vincent, the St. Vincent Community College and has had an active partnership with Ningbo University in China for more than twenty-years.

“It opened my eyes to what Canada is like, especially Toronto! It is a big city,
but you don’t feel lost in it.”

Christina Huangda, Indonesia Familiarization Tour


“The partnership between our two institutions is really quite unique – it is a two-way exchange program involving faculty and students and the development of international internships experiences. It is the sharing of curriculum and academic practices. It is an example of internationalization at its best.”

Alister Mathieson, Vice President Advancement and External Affairs in reference to our partnership with Kaohsiung University of Hospitality & Tourism, Taiwan