Math Centre Tutoring Services

Our Math Tutors can help students with Algebra, Calculus, Business Math, Statistics, Physics and any math subjects in between. We also provide support in Technical Math and the functions of a financial calculator. At the Math Centre, we can:

  • Help you to understand and apply concepts to solve math problems.
  • Explain the steps for solving a math problem.
  • Guide you to use the terminology to express math solutions.
  • Guide you to use calculators and other math apps and tools.
  • Build your confidence when facing math problems.
  • Support various levels of math, including arithmetic and basic algebra.
  • Provide practice exercises to build specific math skills.
  • Provide resources to supplement class materials.

Students can book in-person or online Math Tutoring appointments by visiting and using their Humber credentials to log into Upswing, our tutoring platform. Search for “General Math Support” in the course search to see the profiles and availability of our Math Tutors.


Visit our Centre for Math drop-in Monday to Friday 11:00am to 4:00pm.

Check our Contact Us page to confirm our hours of operation.

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