This page includes frequently asked questions by students and faculty regarding Note Taking Services for Humber and Guelph-Humber students. Please scroll down to see the Faculty FAQ questions and responses. If you have any questions about the content on this page, please reach out to using the form on our Contact Us page.

Note Taking Services - Student Frequently Asked Questions

How do I secure the note taking accommodation?

Students who are registered with Accessible Learning Services may have note taking listed on their accommodation letter and would be eligible for support. If you have note taking on your accommodation letter and would like to use the services, your Accessible Learning Consultant will email a referral to you and to Note Taking Services. Upon receipt of the referral, Note Taking Serivces staff will contact you, via email, with next steps.

I am new to Note Taking Services, how do I get more information?

Contact the PALS office by emailing or visit us on campus. We will send you, via email, a variety of training materials and you can request one-on-one training at a date and time that works for you.

As a returning student, what is the process?

You will receive an email from us after you register for the new academic year (prior to the Fall semester) to notify you of how to reactivate your services.

What can I expect from the note taking service?

Notes are not a transcription, they will detail the main points discussed in class as they are available on the audio recording and supplemental materials (i.e., attached PowerPoint presentations, photos, etc.). The note takers listen to the recording, create the notes and upload a Word file of the notes to the student’s account for easy access. One great feature is that you will have access to the audio file recording of the lectures if you want to go back and review in greater detail! (Please note, audio recordings will be deleted from student accounts after 12 months, notes will remain on student account for 4 years).

Do I have to provide my own recording device?

You are encouraged to use your own devices to ensure you readily have it available to record a class.

What devices can I use to record my classes?

You may use a cell phone, tablet, digital recorder, laptop or other device that provides a digital audio recording. If you do not have access to a suitable device, please email for support.

How many classes can I receive note taking services for?

You will decide which of your classes require accommodation. You can use the service for all your lectures, if necessary.

Do I have to attend classes?

Yes. Note Taking Services does not replace class attendance; a student must be present to record their class to get notes.

What is my role in class while I am audio recording?

The notes created from the audio recording are supplemental to your own notes. We encourage you to take notes to match up with your audio recording notes, so that you have highlighted some areas that you find important. Students using the note taking accommodation are encouraged to review the notes from the note taking service and fill in with more detail, as these notes only provide an overview. You may want to fill in detail with the notes you take in class, readings and other materials assigned that week. If you are ever uncertain about what you have compiled – don’t forget, you have access to the audio recording of the lecture to go back to!

I have audio recorded the class, now what?

Students who have audio recorded their lecture must upload the audio file to the service to have notes created. Students are welcome to attend the PALS office for support with uploading their notes. We are happy to guide and assist you through the process until you are comfortable doing it on your own. Come see us in the Learning Resource Commons (3rd Floor) at North Campus and in the Academic & Career Success Centre, 1st Floor of the Welcome Center at Lakeshore Campus.

When should I upload my audio recordings?

We recommend uploading your audio recordings as soon as possible after your lecture, this will allow you to have the notes to review and add to. Students who leave recordings until the end of the semester may have to wait longer than 72 hours due to backlog.

How long until I get the notes?

You should get your notes within 48 hours of when you uploaded the audio recording. At your request, you can be provided with email notifications when your notes are ready.

Can I upload recordings other than my lectures for notes?

Unfortunately, no. Note taking services are only available for lectures. Notes provided through our service are a record of information delivered in class only.

I was absent from class, what do I do?

You should speak with your faculty member to find out what information you missed. Faculty may be able to provide you with a copy of lecture notes, PowerPoint slides, handouts, and/or other course material that is readily available to assist you with the class you missed.

My professor gives out handouts and writes on the board a lot. How do I incorporate these into my notes?

We encourage students to have their handouts organized so that you can easily add your notes to the week that they belong. If your professor writes on the board, you might want to take a picture, so you have a visual to match with your notes. You may also attach a copy of these supplemental materials to the audio recording you upload, if you have them in electronic format.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with the service?

We want to know if you have any issues, such as concerns about the notes that were uploaded to your account, any delays in service, challenges with uploads, etc. We are here to help! Email to connect with our Learning Strategist , We encourage you to regularly provide us with feedback about your experience. Contact the Learning Strategist immediately if you have any questions or concerns. Do not wait until the end of the semester to have your concerns addressed, we can help now!


Note Taking Services - Faculty Frequently Asked Questions

What is my role as Faculty?

PALS requests that Faculty discuss the note taking accommodation with students when you receive their accommodation letter. When the student presents as wanting to use the accommodation, Faculty should allow students to record lectures.

Who can audio record my lectures?

Permission to audio-record lectures is granted through Accessible Learning Services (ALS) and facilitated by Peer Assisted Learning Support (PALS). Students who have submitted appropriate documentation identifying clear accessibility requirements that can be supported through note taking are approved for this accommodation. Audio recording of lectures for the purpose of note taking is an approved academic accommodation for students with disabilities in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Customer Service and Access to Information Standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

How am I notified of the students note taking accommodation?

Students are encouraged to self-identify. “Audio-recording of lectures” and ”note taking services” will appear on the student’s Accommodation Letter.

What are students doing with the recordings of my lectures?

Students upload the recordings to a secure account provided by a third-party service provider for creation of notes by professional note takers.

How is my Intellectual Property protected?

To protect the Intellectual Property rights of Humber and the University of Guelph-Humber Faculty, Peer Assisted Learning Support has an Audio Recording Agreement set up with students. Students complete this agreement confirming that they understand the recording is for personal study use only.

What agreement is in place with the third-party service provider (note takers)?

The third-party service provider understands that all intellectual property and course content, including but not limited to audio recordings, are provided to the service for the purpose of providing notes, only. The third-party company understands that no materials or course content is to be copied, distributed or shared in any way. The third-party service provider understands that appropriate action will be initiated should it be found in violation of the agreement. Feel free to contact us for more information.

How long will students have access to the audio recording?

PALS encourages students to use the recording of lectures in conjunction with the notes they receive as study tools. While they review the notes, students often listen to the lectures. Students are granted access to the audio recording for one (1) year after which PALS instructs the note taking services provider to permanently delete the audio files from the students secure account.

Am I able to require audio recording be turned off at times?

Audio recording of lectures is an accommodation used to provide students access to information presented during class. If there is sensitive or confidential information presented in class where other students are able to take notes then faculty must provide the student with an equitable alternative to have access to this information. The Accessibility Consultant working with the student is available to consult with faculty and student as questions arise.

Contact us should you have any questions or concerns.