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Research Contracts, Grants and Fund Administration Policy

Effective Date: February 25, 2013
Downloadable Version: PDF ICON Research Contracts, Grants and Fund Administration Policy
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PDF ICON Research Contracts and Fund Administration Procedure

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The Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (hereafter referred to as “Humber” or “the College”) is designated by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities as an Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (ITAL) and, as such, may engage in research activities. Research contracts and grants often involve substantial use of institutional resources and sometimes require a financial contribution made by the host institution in order to qualify. This policy specifies the terms and conditions by which research grants will be reviewed and approved and by which research funds will be administered.


The policy applies to all research grants that propose the use of any of Humber’s services or resources (including human, physical, and financial).


Research Contract: refers to an agreement to perform research or research-related activities for a sponsor under specified conditions in exchange for payment of direct and indirect costs. Normally, the idea for the project is generated by the sponsor, and they require that certain guidelines be followed with regards to the direction of the research and/or to the use or publication of research results. In addition, sponsors usually want to retain control of some or all of the Intellectual Property generated from a project. Sponsors of research may include private companies, federal government departments (e.g., Human Resources Development Canada) or federal funding agencies (e.g., Canada Foundation for Innovation), and provincial government ministries (e.g., Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities), provincial funding agencies (e.g. Regional Innovation Centers such as MaRS) or industry partners, be they for profit or not-for profit.

Research Grant: a fund provided in aid of the independent research activities of a faculty or staff member. Normally, grant recipients are expected to use the funds as outlined in the grant proposal and to contribute the results from the research to the public domain without undue delay. The research methodology is usually developed by the Principal Applicant and co-applicants, not under the direction or in collaboration with the granting agency. Grant agencies will not typically make any claim to Intellectual Property generated from projects they fund. Grant programs may be offered by federal or provincial agencies (e.g., Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board), non-profit organizations, or foundations (e.g., Ford Foundation, Fulbright Foundation).

Sponsor: is the partner in the project and can be an individual, a for-profit company, a government agency, an academic institution, a private organization or a not-for profit organization. The sponsor takes responsibility for the initiation, management, and/or financing the research project. The sponsor would not actually conduct the research unless he/she is a Humber staff member. Usually, the sponsor has defined the research project and requires some Humber resources (faculty expertise, students, space and/or equipment) in order to complete the project. The sponsor usually remains in control of the final results and any Intellectual Property arising from the project, in compliance with the Humber Intellectual Property policy and/or the research contract.


  1. Any Humber employee who wishes to apply for a research contract or grant will prepare a proposal for internal review and approval in order to identify: acceptable use of Humber services and resources, compliance with other relevant Humber policies (such as the Ethical  Conduct for Research Involving Humans policy), the appropriateness of the requested funds and any liability associated with the proposed grant proposal.
  2. Research contracts and grant proposals and applications will require (1) School/Department Approval, (2) Financial Services and Planning Approval of the Budget, (3) Research Office Approval and (4) Executive Approval as per the funding agency or sponsor guidelines, usually the President of the College. These approvals must be obtained i) prior to final submission of a grant application or research contract and ii) in the sequence listed above.
  3. All research contracts and grants will be signed by a Humber authorized signing authority(ies) as required by the contract or grant.
  4. The Dean of Research will be responsible for the administration of this policy and to monitor its effectiveness. The Dean will provide an annual report to the Humber Research Council and, as necessary, to the VP, Academic regarding the effectiveness of this policy to facilitate research grant applications. Reports to the VP, Academic may include recommended changes to the policy that are considered necessary.