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Posting Procedure

Effective Date: June 25, 2012
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This procedure provides Humber’s requirements for posting materials within Humber premises.




1. External Organizations

External organizations wishing to post any material or paid advertising on Humber campuses must contact the Manager Campus Services at extension 77203 to request approval.

2. Humber Internal Activities

2.1 Posting for internal activities of a short term duration shall be permitted e.g. temporary directional signage, athletic event posters, college/school postings for events.

2.2 Postings can remain up to 5 days.

2.3 All temporary directional or event signage shall include the name of the department or individual posting the material and the effective dates.

2.4 The individual/group who posts materials is responsible for removing those postings within 24 hours of the conclusion of the event.

2.5 Temporary banners may be hung on the interior or exterior of College buildings with permission and help from the Facilities Management Department by calling 4444 to place a request.

2.6 No permanent signage may be installed by any school or department without the involvement and approval of Facilities Management.

3. HSF Activities

HSF activities are to be posted on HSF bulletin boards only. HSF is responsible for the management of these boards.

4. Posting Products

4.1 The following products may be used:

      • Hard/painted surfaces: Masking tape or green painters tape only; do not use any other materials e.g. Glue, glue sticks, packing tape, scotch tape, duct tape, nails, staples, sticky pads.
      • Tack boards: Thumb tacks or staples; do not use any form of tape or glue

4.2 Any items posted with material other than as specified above will be removed immediately and the responsible individual or department will be liable for all costs of repair to damaged surfaces.

4.3 Materials must not be posted on the following prohibited locations:

      • Glass or mirror surfaces
      • Stairwells
      • Stairs
      • Floors
      • Ceilings
      • Wood panelling
      • Washrooms including entry doors, toilet cubicles or mirrors
      • Interior permanent signage, either wall mounted or ceiling hung
      • Exterior of college buildings, lamp posts or permanent signage
      • Classrooms unless they are institutional communications


Posting Practices

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