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Learning Outcomes

Anne Zbitnew

Stella Young

Anne Zbitnew

Misconceptions of Disability

Lucy Catchpole / opens in new window

Who gets Represented and How?


[Maysoon Zayid: opens in new window


Terje Sollie/Pexels

Disability in the Media - Imagine a Journalist

From Imagine a Journalist/Sheyfali Saujani, Diana Bahirian, Yhasmina Garcia Martinez

Profile of a Journalist - Ing Wong-Ward

Ing Wong-Ward

Disability in the Media - Film and TV

Overview - Jakob Owens/Unsplash

Judith Heumann – Anne Zbitnew

Deepening your Understanding

Maysoon Zayid opens in new window

Esme Mazzeo opens in new window

VIllisa Thompson opens in new window

Reframing Disability

Overview – Anne Zbitnew

Stock Photography

Judita Tamosiuna/Pexels


Anna Shvets/Pexels

Disabled and Here

Nothing About Us Without Us

Overview – James Williams/Unsplash

CICE Team Podcast

Images courtesy of The CICE Team