Accessible Permits

Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Permits

Staff or students possessing a valid Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Accessible Parking Permit can purchase a parking permit, from our online ecommerce system, under the Services tab in MyHumber.

The Humber permit, when combined with a MTO permit, allows staff and students to park in spaces with the Accessibility symbol.

The application requires proof of a valid MTO Accessible Parking Permit. Every effort will be made to accommodate parking for individuals with MTO Accessible Parking permits. Both permits must be clearly displayed in the front window of the vehicle.

Short-term Medical Accommodation (2 month maximum non-renewable)

Humber has a limited number of reserved parking spaces, available to either staff or students who require a short-term medical accommodation.  These spaces are marked "MEDICAL" and require the display of the appropriate permit, in addition to the Humber Permit.

Please contact for additional information.

Note: Medical permits are NOT valid in the MTO Accessibility parking spaces.

Long-term Parking Accommodation

We strongly suggest those who require long term parking accommodation contact their healthcare professional to complete the MTO application.

For details and to apply for a MTO Accessibility Parking Permit, visit: