85 Woodbine Downs General Student / Overflow Lot for 110 Carrier Drive

$293.25 /4 Months


Carrier Campus, 85 Woodbine Downs Boulevard
Permits Available Nov. 30th 2021

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Parking Permit General Information

Parking permits are available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • A permit is issued for use of the registered owner(s) only and cannot be, transferred, re-sold, loaned to another for any reason at any time.
  • The hang tag permit must be hung from the rear view mirror with the number facing out, so as to be clearly visible from the outside.
  • A valid permit is the only proof that the vehicle has a right to be in a permit parking lot. Permits are numbered, controlled and subject to daily verification.

The purchase of a permit constitutes an agreement on the part of the registered owner(s) to abide by the rules as enforced by Humber Parking Services. Humber Parking Regulations and Municipal Bylaws apply to ALL motor vehicles.

Vehicles in violation of these rules will be subject to a Parking Infraction Notice issued under the authority of the Toronto Police Parking Enforcement Contract Services.

For more information, please view the back of the parking permit. 

Refunds for parking permits must be arranged through Parking Services in person. Refunds will only be processed when Parking Services has physically received your permit. Prorated Refunds will not be issued for part time staff semester permits returned prior to the end of the semester as they are already heavily discounted in price.

To initiate the refund process, email: parking.sales@humber.ca to schedule a time to stop by the Parking Services Kiosk at the North Campus or A118 at the Lakeshore Campus to submit your parking permit.

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