Humber Traditional Residence Room

Traditional Single Rooms (*North Campus Only)

The traditional Single Style Rooms are private rooms with centrally located washrooms and lounges. Some floors have single gender washrooms, others are co-ed style.

A great choice for first year students as these private rooms provide your own personal space, while still encouraging friendships and connections among students in this community living environment.

Study floors and other themed floors are available to cater to your preferences. Apply early!

What's Included in Your Traditional Single Room:

North Campus Traditional Single Room
North Campus Traditional Single Room
  1. Single bed with mattress (36" x 80") and mattress cover; there is a space under the beds of approx. 18" high for you to use for storage.
  2. Wardrobe OR closet with small dresser
  3. Desk with chair
  4. Shelving above desk with light above desk
  5. Curtains
  6. Sheet flooring (not carpeted)
  7. Towel bar and hooks
  8. Ceiling light OR swing arm lamp
  9. Medicine cabinet with small mirror
  10. Air conditioning and heating unit
  11. Carbon monoxide/Smoke detector
  12. Garbage and recycling containers
  13. Use of Common Areas