Culture's Compass 202: Navigating the Waves of Change - Now Live

Months of organization and effort have gone into crafting this digital experience, and we’re so excited to finally be able to share it with you!

Culture's Compass was created by Humber students for the benefit of the arts community. It seeks to highlight themes that are relevant to the current arts and culture climate, as well as highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of industry professionals and artists. Culture’s Compass is not only an initiative that brings together the arts and culture communities but a space to innovate and envision the future possibilities of the arts.

This digital experience has three key components to be discovered; a digital gallery populated with the work of emerging artists, a mini-docuseries containing interviews with arts industry leaders discussing their experiences over the past year, and a selection of resources containing data relating to operating during the pandemic.

For more information, check out our newsletter for the official announcement.

Hana Glaser
Project Coordinator & Lead Culture's Compass Producer