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Tour the dark side of the digital age with fun and a scholarly new book. Where are the best places to find LustGluttonyGreedEnvySlothWrath, and Pride? Professor Mike Dover knows – and they’re all a click away. Dante’s Infinite Monkeys: Technology and the Seven Deadly Sins takes readers on a wide-ranging and deeply researched tour of the worst parts of our new digital utopia. Mike Dover is the co-author of Wikibrands, a professor at Humber College’s Longo Faculty of Business, and an in-demand speaker on the subject of technology and marketing. He has spent years examining how some bad actors use technological innovation to get filthy rich, get revenge, and indulge their worst instincts. In Dante’s Infinite Monkeys he shows how technology and the internet are re-shaping society in some perilous ways, and offers suggestions on how we might stem the tide of awfulness that is threatening to swamp us all.