Did You Know? Helpful HR-Related Information and Best Practices

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This month’s topics include important information about employee vacation planning and carry-over requests.

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Understanding Vacation Planning and Vacation Carry-Over Requests

Did you know that planning your vacation early helps to ensure that you have a set time to rest and further helps to build a healthy work-life balance?

Employees are encouraged to fully utilize their annual vacation allotment in order to have time away from work to focus on personal and individual responsibilities as well as to rest and recharge. To ensure adequate departmental coverage, employees should indicate their preferred vacation time as early as possible, in discussion with their manager. 

Vacation Carry-Over Requests

Administrative Employees

Administrative employees who wish to apply for a Vacation Carry-Over Exception need to consult their reporting manager to complete and submit the Vacation Carry-Over Exception Form, by June 1, 2023.  

Employees and managers should ensure that all required information has been captured on the exception form prior to submission: vacation carry-over details, reason(s) for the request, a plan for using excess carry-over days and the manager’s recommendations/comments. 

All requests must be approved by the employee’s manager and their Vice-President, and the Vice-President, People(s) and Culture.

Unionized Employees

The vacation carry-over requirements and limits for unionized employees are covered within the respective Collective Agreement. Therefore, unionized employees are not required to submit a Vacation Carry-Over Exception Form.

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