Healthy Breaks@Humber

The end of semester is approaching! Book a free Healthy Breaks@Humber session to help manage the stress.

What is Healthy Breaks@Humber?

Healthy Breaks@Humber is an initiative that involves taking a short 10-minute break in the middle of a meeting or class to refresh the body and mind. Students, faculty and staff are all welcome to take a healthy break with us.

Why seek Healthy Breaks@Humber?

Research has proven that taking a healthy break during the day can help improve mental health, increase focus and creativity, lessen body aches and pains, and enhance engagement.

How to book Healthy Breaks@Humber?

A healthy break can be taken through 'movement' or 'mindfulness'. If you have a meeting/class that is 1.5 hours or more and you would like to schedule a healthy break, please email us at or scan the QR code in the poster.