Leave for Change Volunteer Opportunities

March 5, 2014

There are several international volunteer positions available for Humber College employees who feel they have skills to offer and the passion for helping those in need.

A diverse range of skills are needed such as, strategic and organizational planning, health, engineering, law, IT and office administration, sales and marketing, vocational training, micro-credit, agrifood processing and distribution, human and financial resource management, communications, agriculture and the environment. Exciting opportunities in tourism, marketing and environmental engineering are also available for employees who speak intermediate Spanish. Currently, placements are being offered in Latin America (Guatemala, Peru and Bolivia), Africa (Ghana, Botswana, Malawi, Sénégal, Guinea and Burkina Faso) and in Asia (Nepal and Vietnam). 

What is Leave for Change?

Leave for Change is part of Uniterra, an important international volunteer program in Canada, which is managed by two non-profit organizations: WUSC (World University Service Canada) and CECI (Canadian Centre for International Studies and Cooperation). The Leave for Change volunteer assignments, which are usually carried out on an individual basis, are based on the needs of local partners in developing countries and focus on five (5) different sectors of intervention: basic education, health and HIV/AIDS, economic development, governance and female-male equality.

What does the employee do?

The employee volunteers during their vacation and serves for approximately 3-4 weeks; prior to leaving, the employee will participate in 2 days of pre-departure training. Once the employee arrives at their destination, s/he will share knowledge and skills with the local partner organization. Upon arrival back at home base, the employee will share her/his experience with co-workers.

Leave for Change is all about capacity-building. This means volunteers train others in their field of expertise. Volunteers do not act as employees, but as advisors who transfer skills to local staff so as to build their host organization’s capacity in a certain areas. Country preferences of volunteers are taken into consideration but we cannot guarantee that a volunteer will be sent to his/her preferred country.

What does Humber College do?

Humber College, as a partner of the Leave for Change program sponsors Humber employees to participate in the program by contributing $5,500 per employee volunteer to Uniterra for the placement, facilitating in the volunteer selection process and by supporting volunteers in sharing their experience upon return.

What does Leave for Change do?

Leave for Change provides pre-departure training and covers the cost of: vaccinations, insurance, airfare, lodging and provides a daily stipend. In addition, they also coordinate transportation, in-field logistics and monitor security and the well-being of volunteers in the field.

How do I apply for this program?

After going over the list of postings (www.leaveforchange.ca), choose one-three mandates that you feel best match your professional skills and experience. If you do not see a post that matches your skills, please outline the professional skills you can share and include any community or volunteer experience you have had. Complete the online application form and send this with your resumé: http://www.humber.ca/careers

OPEN DATE: February 3, 2014                                                  CLOSE DATE: March 7, 2014

Contact Tanya Andrade ext. 5088 to register for an Information Session

For further information, employees can contact Nancey Adamson in HR Services; By phone: 416.675.6622 ext. 5540 or by email: nancey.adamson@humber.ca.

All candidates are asked to submit a resume and a cover letter online and identify up to three preferred opportunities. If you do not see a post that matches your skills, outline the professional skills you can share. On request, this document is available in alternate formats.