Message to Employees on India-Canada Relations

Dear colleagues, 

We understand that the evolving situation between the governments of Canada and India has left some of our staff and students concerned about potential impacts on them. Humber College and the University of Guelph-Humber work to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our community no matter where they come from.  

Students from around the world come to Humber to receive a world-class education from our instructors, many of whom also come from abroad and have close connections around the globe. 

We are monitoring the ongoing situation between Canada and India. Humber will continue to communicate with you as the situation evolves and we commit to ensuring that you have accurate information as quickly as possible. 

We are also closely watching any potential impacts on our instructors and staff, who may be working on programs and recruitment initiatives within India. 

The Humber community supports the many students and employees at Humber with direct and indirect ties to India, and we will continue to foster a safe and inclusive environment and support students and employees who are impacted by this ongoing situation. 

We are here to provide support to students and staff who may need it. If students ask you about available supports, please direct them to the list below. Staff are encouraged to access the Employee Assistance Plan services or to connect with their manager for support as needed. 

Students can also reach out for support through the International Centre at the North (Second Floor, LRC) and Lakeshore (H100A) campuses and through the support hubs at the International Graduate School (IGS). If you are looking for a space to pause and reflect, please feel free to visit the Spirituality and Wellness Centre at the North Campus in LRC 2112, the prayer room in HB102 at Lakeshore or the multipurpose room at the IGS. 

One of the things that makes Humber great is the diversity of our learners and the value that their perspectives bring to our classrooms. We encourage the Humber community to continue to support one another. 

Be well and take care, 

Jennifer O’Brien 
Vice-President, People(s) and Culture