ORI Article: Faculty Rock Star - Younes Sadat-Nejad

The Office of Research and Innovation is shining the Faculty Rock Star spotlight on Seyed-Youns (Younes) Sadat-Nejad, Professor in the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Technology (FAST). 

Younes's journey with Humber began in 2019 when he joined as a professor in the Electronics Engineering program. Younes is currently a Principal Investigator on the research project Robotic Painting Arm Development along with Co-Investigator Dr. Mehrdad Iravani-Tabrizipour, professor in FAST. The project received the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) grant ($25,000) in 2021.   

Reflecting on the benefits of conducting research, Younes states, "The most valued benefit I received from participating in research is learning to apply critical thinking and adopting a systematic approach when looking at any challenge/problem."  

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