Reporting Workplace Hazards

The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC)

Keeping Humber a safe place to work is not limited to the college’s safety policies, and wearing the correct PPE. You can also do your part by reporting any hazards or safety concerns you have. These can include hazards of the work environment, or ongoing/severe stress. Even when property damage or injuries do not actually occur, reporting the hazard can prevent future problems.

So how do you report safety hazards or concerns?

  • If you notice a hazard in your work area, you should report it to your supervisor. They are usually the one to contact first and are usually the best person to address the hazard. If you are unable to contact your supervisor, you can contact any member of the JOHSC or Occupational Health and Safety Services ( For additional contact information, please click on the link below. 
  • If the concern is in a common area, like the parking lot or the hallway, and it needs to be addressed right away, please report it immediately to Public Safety (x8500), or Facilities (x4444).

Humber has one JOHSC representing each campus and community employment centre. For more information, meeting dates, workplace inspection schedules, or the contact information of the committee members, please click: