TORONTO, ONTARIO - Humber College and Rockwell Automation are entering into a five-year partnership agreement designed to address skills gaps in the advanced manufacturing sector and equip students for the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers of the future.

Rockwell Automation will now be a part of the planned Industry 4.0 consortium that Humber is forming as part of The Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation (Barrett CTI).

“Partnering with Rockwell Automation allows us to strengthen our industry connections and find new ways to prepare our students for the careers of tomorrow,” says Dr. Chris Whitaker, president and CEO, Humber College. “This partnership means that the Barrett CTI will have more leading-edge equipment to help provide solutions to actual business challenges, and faculty and students will benefit from Rockwell Automation’s expertise and the opportunities for collaboration that are a key part of our polytechnic model of education.”

The partnership will expand applied research in advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0) related to power line communication (PLC) technology and connectivity in the digital factory environment. Rockwell Automation will provide guidance and technical support to assist Humber and applied research partner companies in better integrating control systems into advanced manufacturing processes.

The partnership will include:

  • Initial investment of $250,000 worth of equipment and an annual contribution of $25,000 in equipment in years two to five of the agreement
  • Rockwell Automation and Humber will work together to focus on the creation of mini-hubs (living labs) such as, Industry automation, Industry 4.0, Mechatronics and the Internet of Everything centres which will support the vision of the Barrett CTI
  • Fostering innovation and education by way of a STEM outreach program to engage youth within Canada, including First and VEX robotics programs
  • Rockwell Automation and Humber will work together, as appropriate, to provide professional development opportunities for employees and recruitment and potential employment opportunities for students

“The Barrett CTI provides a unique environment where industry, business and students can collaborate to solve some of today’s most pressing business challenges and help companies unlock the value of digital transformation,” says Mike Hutchings, regional vice president, Rockwell Automation. “This collaboration is vital and supports our vision to help customers embrace advanced manufacturing and reap the benefits of integrating a modern control system and the internet of things. With this collaboration, I am very optimistic about bridging

the gap between industry and students, preparing students for the careers of tomorrow and inspiring business’ through the fourth industrial revolution.”

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