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Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is more than just following rules; it's a way of life. As a Humber student, the principles of honesty and fairness you uphold today will serve you tomorrow as you achieve your potential and become a positive changemaker in your workplace and community.

Academic Integrity at Humber

Humber is one of Canada’s leading postsecondary institutions and polytechnic education providers. We are committed to ensuring a high-quality academic learning experience, and to building student success through excellence in teaching and learning.

Our mission is to develop broadly educated, highly skilled and adaptable citizens who are successful in their careers and difference-makers in their communities. As such, we strive to create and nurture inclusive learning environments that foster excellence, creativity, innovation, and belonging. We recognize and value academic integrity as foundational to our culture and to the work we do as a learning community. Through our commitment to the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage, we support our students and graduates to develop the knowledge, skills, and ethical practices to lead with integrity.

We foster and uphold our culture of integrity through the commitment of everyone in our community: faculty, staff, and students. When we come together in a culture of integrity, we ensure the quality of our Humber credentials and demonstrate excellence in all our educational pursuits.

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“As a recent graduate, it's clear to me how upholding high standards of academic integrity during my studies facilitated a smooth transition to the workforce. The honesty, trust and responsibility that was engrained in me continue to guide and inform my decision-making at work.”

Ryan, recent graduate.

“Academic integrity for me means being truthful in my academic journey. I believe being fair, honest and respectful helps me take ownership of my journey and helps me grow further.”

Dipalee, recent graduate.

“The reinforcement of academic integrity in the classroom affords learners the opportunity to demonstrate professional ethics, to acknowledge and respect the creative work of others and appreciate that even in an environment where information is at our fingertips, representing another’s work as their own compromises their own learning journey, stymies critical thinking and other skills necessary to thrive and excel in industry.”

Cheryl, Humber Faculty.

Humber Statement on Artificial Intelligence

Given the capabilities of AI applications, we need to set clear guidelines on how to use AI responsibly, ethically, and productively in academic settings, both to uphold the principles of academic integrity and to prepare learners for AI integration in their future careers.

Here's why academic integrity matters:

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When you commit to academic integrity, you demonstrate that you can be trusted. Employers appreciate people who are honest, reliable, and ethical. By maintaining high standards of integrity, you are building a strong foundation for your future success.

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Employability Skills

Practicing academic integrity helps develop the skills necessary to succeed in the professional world. By conducting your own research, accrediting original authors, and correctly citing your sources, you improve your critical thinking, research, and communication skills. These skills will be critical to your professional journey.

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Engaging in academic integrity helps you develop strong ethics and morals. It's about respecting the work of others and valuing the ideas and contributions that preceded you. This mindset will guide you not only in your studies but also throughout your personal and professional life.

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Learning Community

When every student commits to academic integrity, we create an environment of trust, collaboration, and respect. By appreciating the achievements of others and upholding high standards of integrity, you contribute to a positive and inclusive learning community where great things can happen.