• The Barrett Centre for Technology Innovation during the evening.

    Humber’s Centres of Innovation (COI) Network

    The COI Network is comprised of five COIs that focus on key areas of proven strength and industry sector growth, Technology Innovation, Creative Business Innovation, Innovation in Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.

  • Two women sitting on a stone wall at Lakeshore campus

    Community Outreach and Workforce Development

    Cross-sectorial and innovative multi-stakeholder partnerships play a crucial role in community & workforce development. Education, community and industry partners collaborate with Humber to develop unique opportunities that improve access to education, training and employment.

  • three students walking along an outdoor pathway

    The Humber-Seneca Polytechnic Partnership (HSPP)

    Through HSPP, we offer more than 200 diploma-to-degree pathways, with more in development. This partnership includes joint efforts to develop programs, create a shared curriculum and expand offerings by leveraging our combined strengths as providers of comprehensive polytechnic education.

  • Two students stand next to each other while working on an electronic device.

    Strategic Partnerships

    As a global polytechnic, Humber understands the vital contribution that partners make to the success of our students. Humber is focused on developing mutually beneficial partnerships that leverage our combined strengths to increase innovation capacity and enhance the quality and relevance of education for all.