Humber strives to give students greater access to the technology they are learning, at any time of day, quite literally in the halls of Humber College, and this access should be extended beyond the campus, onto transit and even once they are home. The prototype application will allow students to enter a booking centre virtually showcasing two digital twins of the EOS Canon C200 and the Canon C500 MKII via their phone (iOS or Android), by scanning a QR code.

The portal to this ‘virtual showcase’ will be via a hologram structure, (Looking Glass), which will showcase a holographic version of the 3D Canon camera on a loop. This will intrigue students and passersby to consider scanning the QR code and this will automatically launch a browser-based application that allows them to navigate in the app. There will be 3D modelling of the digital twins and it will replicate cameras used at Humber College.

The voice of a Canadian cinematographer will guide the users as they navigate through. This allows students at any stage of their program (and even students in other programs) to gain access to the cameras and related educational content.

Faculty of Media & Creative Arts

Team Members

Eva Ziemsen (lead)

Dylan Ravka (collaborator)