Dr. Grant is Dean of Research and Innovation at Humber College. She is a 'pracademic' who leads community-based action research projects for innovation management and analytics through data storytelling. A former management consultant, she applies her 20-plus years of business experience to crafting, operating and strategically planning complex programs resulting in talent development in public and private sectors. Dr. Grant is an optimistic collaborator and problem solver who builds successful partnerships by leveraging a significant network.

She is an effective communicator with multidisciplinary stakeholders from government, post-secondary and the private sector. A motivating leader of high-performance teams, she exceeds corporate targets, especially during challenging transitions. Dr. Grant works closely with industry and governments on assessing and building individual and organizational innovativeness. She provides leadership in engaging faculty departments in collaborative long-term planning for applied research projects. As a Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School, she teaches Leading Innovation and Innovation Analytics to approximately 200 PhD students per year. She is the only Canadian in the consulting team for the Stanford ‘Creativity in Business’ program and is a member of the National Innovation and Commercialization Council for the Conference Board of Canada.

Associate Deans

Dianna Dinevski, Associate Dean, Research & Development

Tania Massa - Associate Dean, Applied Research & Innovation

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Other Refereed Contributions - Conference Proceedings

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