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Our Framework

Unleashing the Potential of Media and the Arts

The CCBI is strongly committed to supporting artists and creators at Humber and in the community. To do this, we partner with artists, non-profits and creative businesses at local, national and international levels.

Research in digital media and the arts is a key part of our mandate. A current focus is on ‘Research-Creation’, or the interaction between artistic practice, theory and research. In this approach, research activity incorporates a creative process to produce a final work that uses a variety of media and is critically informed.

Our Research-Creation Approach

Under a Research-Creation framework, we ask questions and examine issues using multi-disciplinary techniques, and present our findings in creative ways. We might obtain historical records through old photographs or oral histories, use street-photography to examine questions around urbanization, visualize data through music and sonograms, and present findings in the form of a short play or creative writing.

We are also using Research-Creation to encourage critical thinking and a research mentality in college-and undergraduate-courses. We are actively exploring which activities encourage student collaboration across disciplines, and how we can apply these lessons across Humber’s academic curriculum.

Example Opportunities

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  • Participate in human-centered design jams, sprints, charrettes, contests, and challenges
  • Collaborate with emerging artists, expert faculty, and upcoming student talent
  • Attend workshops, discussions, and lectures

Begin Your Project With Us

The CCBI helps businesses and communities reap the benefits of creativity-driven innovation. In an era of digital disruption and growing competitive pressures, creativity is a key driver of competitive advantage and business success.

CCBI research projects involve three partners: a community/industry partner, and cross-disciplinary teams of Humber students and faculty. The process begins with a community or industry-based individual or organization looking for a creative and innovative solution to a real-world challenge. Humber students and faculty work alongside the community/industry partner to identify, test, and implement potential solutions.